The Brunch Buzz

Tony and Mandi - present the “Brunch Buzz” on 247 Stereo- Radio Station, from 09h00 - 10h30 Monday to Friday.

Being Musicians they are very passionate about the content of their show. They are well versed in being vocal…

The content of the show will feature reviews on Restaurants, Theatre happenings, “We love the Night- life, Top 20 local English Artists, and loads more.


News, traffic- and weather reports will be a regular feature.

"Today in Music History" a segment, providing a brief scenario of what happened, on this day in history.

A trip down memory lane for all Rockers........."Rock to Remember", featuring a 30 minute, Classic to Modern Rock genre.

The Brunch Buzz focuses on listener interaction, entertaining your requests and enticing listeners to participate in promotional give-aways.

The Brunch Buzz is extremely light hearted, humorous and spontaneous, that appeals to all, on the journey through life.

You are invited.